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Direct Injection 101 Intake Valve Cleaner


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Direct Injection 101 Intake Valve Cleaner is a concentrated formula of solvents and detergents designed specifically to combat valve deposits on the intake valves, intake manifold and the air induction system of GDI engines. Direct Injection 101 deployed using Kleen-flo's custom delivery system effectively reduces valve deposits, improving the air flow, idle quality and engine performance of GDI engines.


  1. Precondition engine to normal operating temperature or until the electric coolant fan has cycled.
  2. Remove the intake boots at the throttle body housing, insert the “S” nozzle into the opening of the throttle body then reinstall the intake boot.
  3. Fine tune the position of the "S" nozzle in the throttle body housing and reposition the air intake boot.
  4. Pour contents of Kleen-flo Direct Injection 101 Intake Valve Cleaner into the canister of the Kleen-flo Direct Injection delivery device.
  5. Leaving the tool on/off valve in the off position, connect the shop air supply and adjust the air pressure regulator to 40 psi (276 kPa).
  6. Increase RPMs from idle to 2,000 RPMs.
  7. Switch the on/off valve to the "On" position, allowing the contents to spray until empty.
  8. Disconnect the tool, remove the “S” adapter and reinstall the air intake boot.
  9. (Recommended) Perform oil change using Kleen-flo Direct Injection 102 Soot Remover and Engine Cleaner. (follow directions on bottle)
  10. (Recommended) Add Kleen-flo Direct lnjection103 Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel tank.
  11. Take the vehicle for a test drive.


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Direct Injection 101 Intake Valve Cleaner

Direct Injection 101 Intake Valve Cleaner