1. Is it worth it to use fuel additives?

Despite many skeptical opinion the answer to this question is simple. Definitely yes. Convince skeptics it is not easy because often only the consequences of not applying can be seen, such as the frozen winter fuel or zanieczyszony fuel system. As is well known, prevention is better than cure. The following list of benefits from the use of additives:

- They remove carbon deposits and deposits from the fuel system used systematically prevent re-soiling
- Cleanse injectors
- Remove moisture from the fuel, the fuel tank, preventing corrosion and the formation of ice plugs in the fuel lines in cold weather
- Lower the temperature of paraffin ON with approximately 6C
- Facilitate the starting of the engine even during the cold 30C

- Stabilize the engine idling
- Reduce engine noise
- Lower the toxicity of fumes
- Regular use reduces fuel consumption by about 12%

2. Why use synthetic oils?

High-quality synthetic oil provides better protection at low temperatures by maintaining liquidity and thus better starting of the engine even at high frost. Thanks to its viscosity also provide better tolerance to high temperatures. The biggest benefit flowing from the use of synthetic oils are much better engine protection. Prevent rupture of the oil film which greatly accelerates engine wear, leading to a major accident. Circuit synthetic oil starts immediately so that each part of the engine is protected immediately.

Synthetic oils have a significant impact on fuel economy, because unlike mineral oil does not need time to reach all parts of lubricating the engine. They are also cleaner which reduces exhaust emissions and a positive effect on the environment.

AMSOIL synthetic oils significantly exceed the standard oil recommended by most manufacturers of modern cars.

3. Oil Myths:

The old engines go with synthetic oil, mineral - MIT!

If the car from the beginning is used for synthetic oil is not worth it to change the oil on the other. For some units use low-cost mineral oil can actually dramatically worsen the engine.

Black color indicates the engine oil wear - MIT!

The engines wysokoprężynych oil after replacing turns black after driving several hundred kilometers at no deterioration of its properties.

When the car is parked for a long time the oil will not consume - MIT!

The engine design is not hermetically sealed so that the oil is in contact with air, and thus loses its properties. Therefore, independently of the oil should be changed at least once a year.

Oil has no effect on fuel consumption - MIT!

The use of synthetic oils with lower viscosity reduces fuel consumption. Savings will increase with the number of kilometers driven.

You can use oils only selected companies - MIT!

Car manufacturers in the manuals recommend the use of a specific oil often even specifying its brand. This is the result of agreements between car manufacturers and oil and mutual certification. This does not mean that the use of other oil hurt the engine, of course, preserving the lubricating oil standards as well as specific intervals and timely oil changes.

4. Why Amsoil?

AMSOIL has earned a reputation in the production of lubricants due to the very strict standards, far exceeding the competition. The process begins with the selection of raw materials and it is based on quality, not how it usually happens about the price. All materials used for the production of Amsoil quarantines and detailed tests to check that meet the strict standards of the company.

Of the production process ensures a system that controls the number and order of mixing of raw materials in order to obtain a product of the highest quality. After the process, samples of the finished product are subjected to extensive testing to ensure that users of Amsoil maximum quality.

The manufacturer monitors the latest technical developments to meet the growing demands of industry and transport in the field of lubricants.

Amsoil provides a series of tests of its products:

5. Car Care Kleen-flo

Take car cosmetics kleen-flo, 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers speak for themselves. Another advantage is affordability, which is the quality of the preparations seem to be very attractive. Soon we will publish the test regenerator paint combined with wax.